As anyone who has known me for any length of time will tell you, I have a short attention span. With regard to projects, at any rate. This blog is a sort of experiment, testing how long I can stay focused on one thing and document my various adventures.  This post is day one. I won’t be updating daily, weekly, or on any other predictable schedule. Random, just the way I like it.

Recently I stumbled upon Ravelry, and have since restarted my knitting obsession. This obsession comes in waves, where I will begin a project and love doing it for a week, then set it down and not look at it for 6 months. I started a new hat last January. I finished it last week, all thanks to my discovery of Ravelry. Yesterday I started a sweater. I’ve never made a sweater before. I am terrified at the prospect of frogging anything. Ever. I think I’m off to a good start.

Sweater beginnings This sweater is will be a basic top-down raglan sweater, assuming all goes well. I’m using a basic stockinette stitch the whole way down, and because the pattern I’m using is more of a guideline, I didn’t realize I should do something else for the collar until I was halfway done with it. (Insert fear of frogging here.) The yarn (a very nice wool blend) was purchased at an awesome 60% discount at the Yarn Garden 10th anniversary sale. Less than $30 for enough yarn to finish a sweater. Unheard of!

I hope to finish this by my birthday. Welcome to the Sara finishes a project within a month experiment.